Building value for publishers
and advertisers

At Online Prospect Network, we believe in leveraging technology to deliver superior returns for publishers and advertisers. We believe in being partners in your growth and have a culture of performance. We have the experience, strategy, tools, and partnerships to deliver returns on your investments. We help build results for your business by optimizing spends based on digital analytics and online strategies.


Our business moto – transparency

It’s a complex world, many things have changed in which they can have a direct impact on results. We believe in keeping you firmly in the driver’s seat. We deliver campaigns for leading international advertisers. The solutions we offer are created with transparency of transactions in mind. We know that you appreciate clear inputs when it comes to delivery, progress, and expectation. We give you full control and visibility of our products and solution.


Our strength – technology

We evolve with changing technology requirements; our solutions are device agnostic and deliver returns across platforms. We are passionate about building relationships. Our bespoke approach governs the drive to finding the best solution. Whatever your goals are, we can advise you on how to best navigate the digital ecosystem. Our superior technology-driven platform will help you drive incremental revenue when you integrate our solutions into a cohesive digital marketing program.


Our dedication – building trust

The core business is all about generating results, it starts with building Trust with both our publishers and our advertisers. We focus on performance in display and retargeting, expertly accomplished through our programmatic understanding. Our team works closely with you to deliver quantifiable results and are available around the clock to help generate value. We deliver results by understanding your needs and deploying the best-suited strategy and solution for you. This bond of trust extends to our publishers generating value for them.


Our strength – the team

Our strength comes from a dedicated team, experienced, capable and ready for the next challenge. We promote diversity and reap the benefits. At “Online Prospect Networks” we have a global team that understands changing technology and the evolving needs of your business. This is our differentiator which makes us the top affiliate marketing provider.

Main Features

Best Offers

Our award winning products and offers will drive traffic with ease. With an inventory of over 1200 offers and products you will find something that your readers will connect with.

Customer Service

Through superior customer service our network drives performance for your business. Sign up and an account specialist will be asigned to your business in 24 hours.

Perfect timing

Our inventory changes constantly to hit the hottest markets. View our chalendar to see what's coming up next to correspond with national holidays and special occasions

Revenue models

With several revenue models you will find it easy to find the right one for you. Our award winning technology will help you monitor your income so that your records will be up to date.

Video Tutorials

Once you join the network you will have access to over 50 video tutorials in over 10 languages to walk you through our system and teach you the tricks of the trade.

Payment Portal

You don't need to worry about setting up a payment portal since we handle all the payments ourselves. So click back and concentrate on promotion and great content.


Campaign Management Services

With ever-changing consumer behaviour, connecting with the right prospects at the right place and time is crucial for driving successful Direct Marketing Campaigns. Thanks to our deep understanding of the digital marketing arena, we deploy strategically designed integrated marketing platform for managing and measuring effectiveness of campaigns.

We, at Online-Prospect, follow a customer-centric approach to drive campaigns that engage prospect audience by creating awareness and generating interest. We address everything from target audience identification to execution to campaign analysis; improving sales performance and profitability.

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